Anonymous asked: Hi! I love your art! I totally just noticed this but does your valor anthology story have anything to do with the tale of the princess and her swan brothers? I forget the name but it used to be one of my favourite stories when I was younger! I ask only because one of your previews looks awfully like it, with the blanket made out of thistles? I think, and the swans carrying it! Sorry if I'm really, really off and it has nothing to do with that Dx.

Hi!! And thanks!!  Yes, my Valor story is based on the story with the princess and her swanbros! :) (One of the versions of it, anyway)  My retelling is a bit different than the classic one, but there is the reed blanket the brothers use to carry Elise in search of a cure for their curse at the beginning!  As for the name of the story, the two similar swanbro tales I read as a kid were The Six Swans (Brothers Grimm) and The Wild Swans (Hans Christian Anderson «this is the one I’m mostly basing my comic on).


Some snippets of my Valor story instead of a page of Fey Winds tonight (sorry)!  Getting close-ish to done; colours will be next, and after that I’ll only have some tweaks and speech bubbles to take care of!

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This week’s page of Fey Winds is up! 

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This week’s page of Fey Winds is up!

It was great seeing you guys at Fan Expo, and thanks a million times for all the support we got on Valor!!!  I cannot wait to see the finished book!! :D

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OMG YOU GUYS!!! Thank you to everyone who backed this and spread the word!!! I’m totally blown away by how amazing and supportive everyone has been. And I’m so honored to be a part of this. This is so cool!!! And honestly this is a huge triumph not b/c of the $ but bc this shows how badly women-positive stories in comics are needed & wanted!!!

I made this button in the shape of a V for victory, for courage and for VALOR!

And if you missed out on this amazing kickstarter, the amazing organizers have a backer-kit link up!!! GET IT HERE

Annie said it all, and with an animated dragon to boot! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!



Hey guys!! I will be at Table A274 at Fan Expo this year! (Toronto, this Thursday-Sunday) My table’s at the end of the row towards the edge of the hall!  COME SAY HELLOOOOO!!!!!!!

And also, this week’s filler page of Fey Winds is the finished version of the new poster!



Soooo the fursona generator is a beautiful thing, and I want to draw a bunch of these, but especially:

  • lilac reindeer. it runs a jimmy carter fanblog. it lives alone in a dense forgotten wilderness.
  • cream and pink whale. it has an unknowable amoutn of eyes. it shivers even…

I should be working but…

glistening blobfish. it has golden horns. it wears big christmas sweaters year-round.

I will have to draw this at some point in time.





The Amya Chronicle’s Kickstarter: One Week Left.

Hello everyone. The Amya Kickstarter is now one week away from its funding deadline. With our tracking sitting at 66% funded, we are still in need of great assistance!

Amya tells the story of Faye, a mute spell-touched who lives a sheltered life as the youngest daughter to a great lord. She is burdened with dark dreams of an apocalypse, and it isn’t long until her tranquil life changes when a fateful encounter with a young man sends her on a spiraling journey of self-discovery.  

As Faye and her unlikely companions pursue an adventure that is greater than any of them could have anticipated, she discovers how heavy the burden she carries truly is. She is to be the pinnacle of the world’s survival or destruction, and must decide if she wishes to sacrifice her own humanity for the world — or the world for her humanity.

Please consider supporting the campaign by either spreading the word or donating. It would mean so much to us! Amya is our dream as well as our passion. We need your help to take it further! Tumblr has been our leading referral for donations, so you guys are making a big difference with each reblog!

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CLICK HERE to check out the Amya website.

All my thanks,

Savannah Houston-McIntyre

There are now only 4 days left to make this happen! Please help us out by rebloging and spreading the word!

Reblogging again in case anyone missed it! They’re so close to making it happen, aaah! ;__;. If any of my fellow webcomic buddies reblogged this it’d make a huge difference, I’m sure :). 4 days to go!

If anyone is looking for a lovely comic to read & support, Amya’s Kickstarter only has a few days left with only a little ways to go! It’s a fantastic read with gorgeous art, so check it out!


This week’s (filler) page of Fey Winds is up! It’s a WIP of a new poster, along with some new clothes for the main cast (except Sid, sorry Sid but I really like drawing your blue jacket so you’ll probably stay that way).

It’s also a print I’ll (hopefully) have done for Fan Expo Canada, which is in just over a week in Toronto!  If you’re headed there, stop by and come see me in the Artist’s Alley!  I’ll be at table a274 (disclaimer: I haven’t seen the official finished floorplan yet so there is a tiny chance I could end up somewhere else, but I’ll be sure to let you guys know if that happens!)

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This week’s page of Fey Winds is up! 

And rock on you guys: the Valor Kickstarter just cleared 60k! This is amazing, and I am floored by the support we’re getting on this book!! <3<3<3

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